Our company was founded in 1923. We develop and manufacture textile and chemical products.

 Starting with the yarn twisting business for fabrics, we have evolved this yarn twisting business, and now we manufacture “KAWARI-ITO” that is our original fancy yarn brand, special twisted yarns, as well as the production of apparel products using these yarns.

 In addition, chemical products began development as yarn treatment agents.

 Currently, we provide unique products that we have developed independently, such as photocatalyst coating liquids that can be used to prevent stains on buildings, super-hydrophilic coating liquids, heat-shielding coating liquids, and special cleaning agents.

 In recent years, the social and economic environment surrounding us has changed significantly due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection and emerging geopolitical risks.

 With our flexible development technology and skillful manufacturing technology, we are focusing our attention on the world every day so that we can flexibly and quickly respond to all kinds of changes.

 We offer products that meet the opinions and requests from our customers in 14 countries overseas as well as in Japan.

 We would like to support you and grow up with you by creating innovative products using new technology that combines our experience and advanced technology.

 We look forward to your continued support in the future.

Company Profile



corporate development

Initiation: April / 1 / 1923

Foundation: March / 1 / 1983

capital fund

10 million JPY


171 Tajimacho, Sanoshi, Tochigi, 3270031 Japan

Phone number: +81-283-22-1901

Email :0283-22-7520

What’s up: +81 70 8483 2062 

Wechat ID: marusyo


Kokubo Kazuhiro