Yarn Department

We manufacture and sale a wide variety of textiles, twisted yarns and special yarns. We strive to provide you with the best service and product.

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Natural Fiber

Cotton, linen, silk, animal hair (wool, cashmere, alpaca, mohair, camel, mink, fox etc.) We have a wide variety of fiber from common grade to high class grade.

RecycLe fiber

Rayon, Cupra, Polynosic

semisynthetic fiber

Acetate, polyacetate, promix fiber

synthetic fiber

Nylon, polyester, acryl, Vinylon, polyurethane


Carbon fiber, aramid fiber, stainless steel thread, copper thread, other metallic thread, light reflecting thread, heat generating thread (heat generating fiber), luminous thread, cut resistant fiber, heat resistant fiber, antifouling fiber, etc.


In addition to providing textile products, we also undertake manufacturing and processing. Normal twisted yarn, high twisted yarn, super high twisted yarn (various materials are possible) twisted metal yarn, composite material twisted yarn, design twisted yarn, etc.

Product details website

This website provides you about not only product details but also the useful tips to select yarns, an automatic calculation of yarn count and yarn count table etc. Of course, you can order and request samples from this website.