Apparel Department

Main product: Knit product

Our staff, who have specialized knowledge of yarn, knitted fabric, design, etc., which is indispensable for product production, will assist you in manufacturing according to your requests. We consistently operate from the planning stage to manufacturing and shipping.

Design, Planning

We will propose yarns and fabrics from hundreds of sample books according to customer’s request and requested design. It is also possible to manufacture special yarns.


Dying your products according to your requests.

We manufacture knitted fabric samples, preproduction samples and final product samples.

Packing, shipping

We also accept requests for attaching custom clothing tags, as well as packing and shipping.

FUll service

We handle everything from the procurement of yarn manufactured by the yarn department, fabric manufacturing, product manufacturing, packing and shipping.

Product details website

Manufacture of preproduction samples and knitted product.