New development Division

We develop and manufacture various chemical products such as special coating liquids, deodorants, air purification coating and detergents. It is possible to develop products according to the purpose and application. We also support OEM product development.

Manufacture and Development

We develop various special paints and chemical products at our own factory for the purpose of improving the environment.

We manufacture a wide variety of products such as hygiene environment improvement, sick building syndrome countermeasures, mold prevention, and deodorant.

customized product

We offer specialized products and materials that meet customer’s requests.

◆Coating agents for medical device manufacturers
◆Coating agents for government offices
◆Odor removal materials for building material manufacturers
◆Anti-mold materials for food factories
◆Antifouling agents for electrical manufacturers, etc.

Product Website

In addition to the following products, we also manufacture any products according to your requests.
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Photocatalyst coating fluid 

Our photocatalyst fluid can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can choose the most suitable product according to your purpose.

Prevention from infectious diseases Photocatalyst coating fluid

A photocatalyst coating agent developed for the purpose of preventing infectious diseases. It can be expected to be effective against unknown viruses and bacteria that are not effective with normal alcohol disinfection.

Super hydrophilic coating fluid
Selface coat

7 types of products, it can be applied to various surfaces such as plastics, metals and glass. Please try the high hydrophilic performance by our original technology.

Anti-mold coating

Anti-mold agents are concerned about their high toxicity, but our product is an unprecedented low-toxic, and very safety to human.

Formaldehyde removal coating

A formaldehyde removal coating agent that can adsorb and remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde, which causes sick building syndrome. It can be used indoors and furniture.

Deodorant and Anti bacteria powder for shoes
“Smell trimmer”

“Smell trimmer” is deodorizing powder that can be easily used in a variety of places, such as smelly trash cans, in shoes, and diaper odors. Our unique deodorizing function eliminates strong odors.

Ammonia remover 
PIPI Cleaner

Unprecedented deodorant performance. Even high-concentration ammonia odors can be thoroughly deodorized. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as childcare, nursing care, and pet raising.